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Look at the stars

look how they shine for you
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Liz Reilly, senior in high school. Section leader of Drumline and lead smare.
I've made amazing friends because of Witty Profiles who I will love and cherish forever.

Quotes by punklove182*

I want someone
provacative and talkative.



Alright now right brain you're being insane.
No left brain I'm just being alive.
You should try it, you might like it.


When it rains,
it pours.



Take my breath away,
I don't need it anyway.



I need your love,
You need mental help.



I want to love but it comes out wrong,
I want to live but I don't belong.



I hope you hear me,
and I hope you care.



Stories aren't told
about the ones unseen. 



I miss the noise
of all our fighting.



Tomorrow is 
no guarantee.


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