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Look at the stars

look how they shine for you
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Liz Reilly, senior in high school. Section leader of Drumline and lead smare.
I've made amazing friends because of Witty Profiles who I will love and cherish forever.

Quotes by punklove182*

Make a move, make a plan,
while we still can.



Can you feel it? The blood rush to your face,
When you learn she's not coming back.



Your lipstick, his collar,
Don't bother angel.



If you can't hang then,
There's the door baby.



She's beautiful as usual,
with bruises on her ego.



I crashed my own party
cause nobody came.



is leaving me 



I'm better off
on my own. 



I miss how close
we used to be. 



You see us
as you want to see us. 


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