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Hi im Kiersten. (:

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don't be trippin over these guppies 


 So fail. Be bad at things.

Be embarrassed. Be afraid. Be vulnerable.

Go out on a limb or two or twelve,

and you will fall and it'll hurt, but the harder you fall, the farther you will rise.

The louder you fall, the clearer your future becomes.

Failure is a gift, welcome it.

There are people who spend their whole lives wondering how they became the people they became,

how certain chances pass them by,

why they didn't take the roads less traveled.

Those people aren't you.

You have front row seats to your own transformation,

and in transforming yourself, you might even transform the world.

And it will be electric, and I promise it will be terrifying. Embrace that.

Embrace the new person you're becoming. This is your moment.<3 


Love is hard to find, but its in everyone <3
im tired of waiting for the one i love.
i guess its too hard for him to see, i honestly and truely love him..
And thats when i hit me..
   i finally found out that i loved ((you)) this whole time. <3
when he flirts with the other girls ;;
it just makes me want him more <3
(( where the definition of drama was some one stealing your crayons.. ))