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The name's Carlie Jane. I'm eighteen years old and I live in Southwestern Pennsylvania. I just graduated high school(woo!). I didn't go to graduation though. Didn't see the point. lol ... Anywhoo.....I'm now a freashman in college. I'm majoring in nursing. College is wayyy hard. It's stressful! LOL. Hmm.....what else do you wanna know?
Stuff I like:
-The rainbow
-Chinese food
-Warm beds
-Classic rock
-Cute old couples
-My boyfriend
Stuff I hate:
-German cup holders
-Taylor Swift
-Video Games
-Yellow Teeth
-Mean People
-Annoying Stuffs
OHHHH and I WUVVV My Boyfriend!!
He's just precious. His name is Christopher Edward &&he bought me a diamond promise ring!! (:
I'm a ginger btw. a cute one! LOL.

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Quotes by kikass

is it just me, or did a certain boy on witty
making a quote saying
"if you guys want me off this site, just say the word" ?
& then a bunch of girls commented saying they wanted him off...
& then he made another one telling us to
quit being babies?

& I am so

llosing my


in the bed of a


I say we all start making obsessive quotes about George Bush, just to show the directioners how annoying they are. 

 Fave this if your going to make one.
Let's do this.



Like this if your shorter than 5' 3"
And comment your height.
Just curious(:
I'm 5' 1".


If theres one thing ive learned from witty, its that us witty girls are always there for eachother.
And right now i really need advice.

Boy advice.

So please please please
Send me a text
And ill tell you whats going on.
And you can give me your opinion on what i should do.

thank would really mean alot.
my names carlie&my number is 724-880-4063.

&who else misses the old witty,
when you could search for stuff,and actually get results.?

i love you like

 Noah loves Allie
Homer loves Marge
Liam loves Miley
Zack loves Maddie
Jake Ryan loves Hannah
Pooh loves Piglet
Gordo loves Lizzie

Like Nathan Loves Steph


Today I watched Hannah Montana naked with my friend while eating string cheese.

It was fun