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The name's Carlie Jane. I'm eighteen years old and I live in Southwestern Pennsylvania. I just graduated high school(woo!). I didn't go to graduation though. Didn't see the point. lol ... Anywhoo.....I'm now a freashman in college. I'm majoring in nursing. College is wayyy hard. It's stressful! LOL. Hmm.....what else do you wanna know?
Stuff I like:
-The rainbow
-Chinese food
-Warm beds
-Classic rock
-Cute old couples
-My boyfriend
Stuff I hate:
-German cup holders
-Taylor Swift
-Video Games
-Yellow Teeth
-Mean People
-Annoying Stuffs
OHHHH and I WUVVV My Boyfriend!!
He's just precious. His name is Christopher Edward &&he bought me a diamond promise ring!! (:
I'm a ginger btw. a cute one! LOL.

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