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Why can't a seagull fly over the bay?

Because then it would be a bagel.
Things happen for a reason. Just remember that.
There's this guy in my p.e. class that looks like Benedict Cumberbatch. Aw yeah.
So there's this guy....
Sherlock ♥ SPN ♥ Doctor Who ♥ One Direction
Life is funny in such a twisted way.
If you don't love One Direction, go away. This is a rant.

I can't believe those fans crashed Greg's wedding. Do they have no respect? It was Greg and Denise's big day, and now they'll always remember it as fans screaming for Niall. I honestly hate this fandom right now. If you honestly think what those girls did was ok, then you are a despicable person. I'm really sorry, but no matter what, you should ALWAYS respect the boys' family time. ALWAYS. How do you think Greg feels? He was always in second place after Niall got in One Direction, and he probably thought today was his day to shine. But no, some stupid little girls had to go and disrupt what should have been a beautiful day for the Horan family. How do you think Denise feels? She probably feels horrible. It was her wedding day. All brides are supposed to shine on their day. As for the family, they are probably getting sick of it. Niall could have easily told the fans to go away and not take pictures or sign autographs, but instead, he did the opposite. Just because he loves the fans that much. But that doesn't give you any right to go and crash the wedding. Like seriously, what would possess you to do such a thing? Ugh. Ok, rant over.
Seriously though. If you don't absolutely love Ed Sheeran, please don't talk to me.