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My name is Kiara Jonas, yeah  I know your jealous  but to bad because Nick LOVES girls named Kiara/Chiara (lmao Chiara) :) well anyways as you can probably tell my whole life revolves around Nick Jonas, I am madly in love with this boy and could NOT live without him. He is pretty much what keeps me breathing, and is the most inspiring person in my life. He means EVERYTHING to me and i dont have any idea what i would do without him <3 I am in 8th grade, and I love dancing, i've been dancing since I was 3 and love it. I start point this year and have been waiting my whole life to be :) i take ballet, point, jazz, lyrical, and tap. I also play basketball and softball! I AM OBBSESSED WITH THE JONAS BROTHERS<333 i love music, Miley Cyrus and Taylor swift are my idols and i love a whole bunch more of artists too. I can't stand Selena Gomez i hate her with a burning passion lmao. I'm pretty much just a typical teenager (besides th efact im married to Nick Jonas) who is lovin life right now :)

My new best friend/ sister is Chiara Jonas (ahhhhily2)  you need to check her profile out she is amazingg!

Softballgurl10 is the best ever! shes amazing! check out her profile!!!! so yeah she rocks!

Also look at mrsjoejonas37 she is one of my bff's so yeah.

And a big thanks to all of my 23 followers, i love you guys! haha :)

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Quotes by kikijonas77

Love is
f r a g i l e.

And we're  not always the best caretakers.
Even the best of us make
We just muddle through and do the best we can to hope this
f r a g i l e
survives by all odds.

~The Last Song~

"People make
even the people we

~The Last Song~
Team Edward
Team Jacob
Admit it...

You sing along with the HANNAH MONTANA theme song when it comes on tv.


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Someone has been in my life forever.

We met when we were just 6 years old.
I loved you, and you loved me too.

It was a  l o v e  story.
You threw pebbles at me.

Time past I still loved you, but you moved on.

Then You left me standing in the rain.
With no one to hold, no one to love, and the only thing I have left Is the past and a picture.


~Credit to softballgurl10

Convo with me and my crush:

[8:37:20 PM]  me and my gf are bffl, but me and you are bff.
[8:38:43 PM]  whats the difference
[8:39:04 PM]  forvers longer then life.

The  {s p a c e s  b e t w e e n}  your fingers were created
so that another's could fill them in
Live Life To The Fullest
Laugh often, love with no fear, and most importantly be happy.

~torn between two~
w h o    w o u l d    y o u    c h o o s e:
the one that you love,
or the one
that loves you?