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hi. my names Kaitlin. I'm currently 15 years young. i reside in Texas. I'm currently single, bro♥. i love music. my favorite singer at the moment is lana del rey. i have a best friend. she has a witty. her name is annabaflama. you should go check her out. she's a bit odd, but super sweet. if there's anything else you'd like to know about me, just ask(: don't be shy.

Quotes by kiko3221

"Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve and Madam and Eve."

so sorry guys, if your name isn't Adam or Eve, you're never allowed to get married. you just get cats and the internet.


that will tell you just how beautiful you are

every singlday 


hi. my names kaitlin and i like girls.
when a guy gets a haircut...
and you're just like..."wow...that just ruined it for me..."


normal girls flirting-
hey you're cute ;) wanna hang out some time?
guy: sure. ;)

me flirting-
so my cats not evil. he won't rip your face off when you come over. cause i have a bed big enough for two.
guy: what.
me: what. i mean hi.


me: *tries to work out*
body: nope.

*..*0lXm 0-_)
. .

my thoughts are stars that i cannot form into constellations


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"I love you.
I crave every piece of you.
From the pinnacle
of your head,
to the underside
of your toes."


Why is it called sexual orientation?
is it like "i am facing due gay with a slight turn to boobs are still fun"