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Just a shy, awkward 15 year old

Quotes by kimberlyisalwayshungry

Why does my body keep producing pimples why not focus on the important things like making me look hot

If you were a fruit you would be a fineapple

My 11 year old sister is starting to dress slutty.
so whenever i do her laundry i purposely rip and stain her clothes so she can't wear them.

2014 is almost a month away and I'm still ugly

You're going to go on living.

Because living is a challenge. Not dying. Dying is so easy. Sometimes it only
takes a few seconds to die. But living? That can take you eighty years and you
do something in that time, whether it's giving birth to a baby or being a housewife
or a barrister or a soldier. You've accomplished something. To throw that away
at such a young age, to have no hope, is the biggest tragedy.


Me: mum, just chill out
Mum: no, you warm in
Friends: Hey you should come to the movies with us on friday
Me: Uhh I can't, I'm busy on friday night
Me: (friday night) *In my pjs belting out Call me Maybe while on witty
Try to say the letter 'M' without your lips touching
A briefing of next week:
21/12 - end of the world.
22/12 - I survived the end of the world.
24/12 - Christmas is tomorrow.
25/12 - Christmas is today.
30/12 - Happy new year.
01/01 - I remember last year like it was yesterday.