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the name's kim.

Quotes by kimmx93

what are you so afraid of?

      - forgetting who i am.

You slip, you trip, and

you fall

                                       into this thing called life. you can't survive it and no one gets out alive.
but if you're strong enough your soul will survive,
and if you're'll die before you do.



      Girl: "I feel like i'm stalking you. I mean I see you everywhere lately."

   Boy: "maybe it's just destiny..."


Right now, right here

                                                                 i can't imagine my life getting any better.
i can't imagine falling in love all over again.
i can't imagine being able to forgive myself.
right now,
i can't put one foot in front of the other
because i'm down,
and i can't get back up.
i can put on a fake smile, and maybe EVENTUALLY it will
become real, but it's hard to pretend
everythings okay, when nothing really is.

i can't


it's not the mistakes
you make, but rather how you

get through them that define you.

people say suicide's a selfish act, 
 but for who?

someone wants to take their own life because they're in so much pain,

another person doesn't want them to because then they'd be in pain. 

is it selfish for you to do it, or for someone to ask you not too?
you know somethings wrong when witty can't even help.
do you ever want to die?
all new low?

       cutting yourself with a pen cap...


almost doesn't count,

...except in horse shoes