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Quotes by kindaintohim

Remember The Night
you asked me to dance
i figured it was just one dance and it didn't mean anything
but somewhere in that song, i fell for you.
and baby, i fell hard
But you caught me
and we were happy.
And now
6 months later

you decide to drop me on my head</3

all mine
hit the [♥]
&& you think i don't know what love is?

I know i love my family
I know i love my friends
so why wouldn't i know that

You want her
you need her
you had her
you l o s t her

You called me a ditcher when i thought i wasn't invited so i went to my other friends house. But then ur not a ditcher when you leave me out of everything? You all of a sudden have no time for me anymore, just those stuck-up popular girls that you think like you. You always text them when we hang out so basically we don't talk, because you're way to wrapped up in their conversation. You look like a tag-a-long with them, they don't wait for you, they aren't always there for you like i was. When are you going to realize that they don't like you as much as you think. All i want to know is, am i wasting my time still acting like we're friends?

sorry): needed to vent
&& sometimes
your "Best Friend"
is also your

w o r s t  e n e m y.

And the worst feeling is when your ex-boyfriend asks if its alright to date your best friend, but she tries to keep it a secret from you.</3