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Follow your dreams, where ever they take you 

Quotes by kinsley

Love is like a mountain, hard to climb, but once you get to the top, it's beautiful.


Always be sassy.
My profile picture and my background picture contradict each other.
But I contradict myself, lets be honest 
A sunset for the happy times 
And a dark forest for when I'm down

My quotes have always sounded so depressing but they're usually just lyrics to my favorite songs

I also like when they look boring and depressing but I don't know why haha

Don't mind me over here
life was great 
wouldn't change a thing
I had it all but with you I had more
but outta no where outta the blue
our love turned into a war
now you're gone 
you moved on 
and I hate the way im feeling
forgetting is the hardest part
I haven't been on here forever. 
I remember my old username, but not my password...
I looked up my old account and....
wtf was I thinking. I was like 13 when I posted some of the bullcrap that I did back then. Now I'm 17
and seriously debating my life choices back then haha
But seriously you should've seen some of those things...