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Quotes by zombies.are.kwl *

when you're surrounded by
all these people
it can be lonelier
than being by yourself


we don't seek death
we seek destruction


I can't go back to yesterday
because I was a different person then


Different denotes neither
bad or good
but it certainly means
‘not the same’


another day,
a different dream perhaps


the ones you think guard
you are out for your blood


there's an empty place inside of my bones that calls out for something unknown


people fear
what they
don't understand


I wanna outrace the speed of pain
for another day,
I wish I could sleep,
but I can't lay on my back
because there's a knife
for everyday that I've known you.


there's not much left to love
too tired today to hate
I feel the empty
I feel the minute of decay
I'm on my way down now
I'd like to take you with me

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