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I'm writing two stories
Never Woulda Guessed It
Definitely; Maybe
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and that day
I married him on

"Dude, she just called you ghetto!"
"Aw hell no, hold my gun."
Dear My Prince Charming,

I'm still waiting... </3
Never   Woulda   Guessed   It

It started out like a normal day. Just me getting up and getting ready for school. I got a text from my boyfriend, David.
Hi babe (: cant wait 2 see u 2day at school <3
He is 5' 9" and has dirty blonde flow hair. He also has sparkly greenish-blue eyes that I could gaze into for hours. But, I'm getting off topic.
I went to school (the bus) and saw David. I walked over to him and kissed him. It was a good kiss, too. I put my arm around his and we walked into the building. 
Now, I gotta tell you up-front so you don't get the wrong impression. I was popular. But not one of those popular girls who goes out with millions of guys, oh no. The nice popular girl. The one who's smart, but not too smart. And definitely pretty, or so I was told. Everyone told me I was, but I was having trouble believing them. Isn't that how it always is?
Anyway, I had a normal schoolday.  I sat with my friends at lunch and made-out with David after school. I had finished almost all my homework during my study hall, so I felt happy to go home. When my parent's weren't there, I wasn't skeptical. They almost always came home at 8:00. Sometimes later. I didn't really know what they did... (But I do now.) 
I did the rest of my homework and chatted with my friends on facebook. We decided to meet up at a diner for dinner. I was glad not to have to make dinner again that night. I put on some other clothes and drove to the diner. 
We started to have some fun and David and I were getting lost in eachother eyes, but you don't need to know all the details. The thing was, in the middle of my burger, I got a call from my parents. I left them a note, I thought to myself. Maybe they didn't get it.
"Hi. mom. What's up?" I said, after I had gotten up from the table.
"Sweetie, where are you?" my mom said, frantically.
"At the Diner. Why?" I was starting to get worried.
"Come home. Now." Then the line went dead. I told everyone I had to go and went home. When I got there, my parents were packing up all our belongings. I saw that there were a bunch of guns laying around them.
"Mom....What's going on?" I was scared.
"Sweetie, we need to talk to you about something."
Isn't that how all bad things start?
if I had it  
my way 
you know that I'd make him say


Just another useless lie
I believed

Hey you. Yeah you.
The idiot who just
broke up with

e     g
that ever happened to you. You're an example of how humanity has
failed us.