Status: Hello everyone... Except you, I don't like you.
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Location: Somewhere in a far off land called my mind.
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Hey, I'm K.D (pronounced like Katy) it's my initials so that's just what people call me.
I'm just ike everybody else so that means I'm awful at these things.
My favorite bands and singers include Lana Del Rey, OneRepublic, Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, Lorde, LedZeppelin and a lot more.
I love to read and watch Netflix because I have no social life what so ever and I am part of the SuperWHOLock.
I dance and act and sometimes sing, which I am not very good at but getting better. And I really hope to become a dancer, writer, or therapist.
I am 15 years of age and will be turning 16 in the fall, so when school starts up again I will be a sophomore.
If there's anything else you for some reason want to know, feel free to ask in the comments.


Quotes by kissmegoodbye

Hell is empty and all the devils are here.
Keep a marker with you or just do this at night it doesn't really matter, but any time you feel the urge to do any sort of self harm, draw a line on wherever you usually hurt yourself.
I'll just sleep away the pain with a empty pill bottle in my hand.
I don't compare myself to others.
I compare myself to what others expect of me, everyday, all the time.
Wheather or not I'm the perfect person who is skinny and pretty, always gets perfect grades, always follows the rules and never talks back, who never does anything wrong.
Everyday hoping that expectations will stop and I can finally sleep.
That I can finally be free of what people want.
But it never does.
Sick of all the insincere.
All these girls pull off seeming mysterious but if I try I just seem like an a$$hole.
When you spell or write something wrong but it's in really good handwriting so you don't want to erase it.
Mondays they cheat.
Tusedays they lie.
Wednesdays they steal.
Thursdays they kidnapp.
Fridays they rap.e.
Saturdays they kill.
But Sundays...
Sundays they're Christians.
You are my sunshine... I hate sunshine.
Wisconsin clearly did not get the message that it's summer.