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 Most of the qoutes I post on here are made by me, but some I may take from the internet and just change the formatting around so please don't hate me just cause you notice I "stole" something from somewhere. 

  Well, I'm just me and nobody else. Oh and by the way I love your mom!! :D Oh and I love Lindsey too!!!

Quotes by kitkat11katy

All you have to do is GLEAM

Waves crashing loudly

sucked into bubbling foam

Deep into its

Eating music through my ears:)
Today I was hanging out with my friends and randomly I burst out crying. "Whats wrong?"  they asked. I looked up from my sobbing and screamed, "I just relized that Harry Potter's not real!"
I have lots of ideas....the thing is, most of them suck.
Screw iTunes!
I'm going to LimeWire.
When in doubt,
Do the worm.

You can count how many seeds are in an apple,
But you can't count how many apples are in the seed.