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 Most of the qoutes I post on here are made by me, but some I may take from the internet and just change the formatting around so please don't hate me just cause you notice I "stole" something from somewhere. 

  Well, I'm just me and nobody else. Oh and by the way I love your mom!! :D Oh and I love Lindsey too!!!

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wet paint.

>>I have to touch it,<<

the sign might be lying.

at my middle school,
the principal on the announcements said, "Hi, welcome to PMS, and I hope you enjoy your first period." Win.


Did you know that when someone appears in your dreams, it`s because that person misses you.

-Psychological Fact.



what's next?


This quote does not exist.
I               don't             wake            up              for                him
I Wake Up Because The World Requires Me To.
I         don't        straighten        my        hair          for         him
I Straighten My Hair For Me.
I               don't           put        makeup        on        for        him
I Put It On Because It Makes Me Feel Pretty.
I             don't           wear          Abercrombie      for          him
I Wear It Because I Like How It Looks On Me.
I         didn't          buy         these        Uggs         for          him
I Bought Them Because They Keep My Feet Warm.
I      don't        listen     to       any       music        for          him
I Listen To It Because I Enjoy It.
I         don't          do        anything       I         do       for       him
Because He's Just Not That Important.
Please no jocking, I worked hard on this.

So today in English,
my teacher informed us she knows when we're texting because
"no one just looks down at their crotch & smiles." (:

-----> B U S T E D ;; <-----

Ixsx.xixt xjxuxsxtx mxex?x
Or are sixth graders.....

Stop making me find your X
she isn't coming back.

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