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The Girl Code:

1. Thou shalt not date the ex of thy best friend pending three months of a breakup.

2. Thou shalt not date thy best friend's love.

3. Thou shalt not flirt with thy best friend's love, crush, or boyfriend.
4. Thou shall keep thy best friends secrets until death do you part.

5. Thou may not complain about your friends embarrasing you should you embarrass them first.

6. Thou shalt not gossip about thy best friend.

7. Thou hast the right and duty to protect thy best friend from heartbreak.

8. Only those with the title best friend havest the right to post embarrassing pictures of thy friend.

9. Thou shalt never insult thy best friend's other best friends.
10. Thou shalt respect, love, and protect thy best friend until death do you part. 


Ok guys , i have been off witty for 6 days and someone emailed me that people kept posting quotes about me. Can you guys please stop posting 'rajsonkar' quotes ?
And yeah , i was not hacked or something, however someone tried to hack my account.
Many people have commented on my profile. If you've anything to ask or you're keen to give me a lecture, you can do that on this quote, i'll be on for a day.
I love being home alone 
Because I feel like I have so much more freedom.
But in reality all I do differently is listen to music without headphones on.
"who needs a man when you have a hand?"