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This is my secret account. Its where Im gonna vent.. im not giving out my real account so dont ask please!!!! <3 <3

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Hi, this quote has  real no meaning but I would just like to say I haven't been on Witty in about a year and a half. I was here when Witty turned pink, the giant witty crash, SocietyKilledtheTeenager, FramingMatthew and the rise of Brandon Cyrus. I was also here when we all started to love One Direction and the Hunger Games. I just wanted to say Witty has made me such a confident person, I'm never afraid to be myself or speak my mind and all the friends I've made here I still talk to today. I want to say thank you to Steve for making this website, and even though I don't continue to use this website it has really made me a better person in general. All you wittians are beautiful, thank you :) 
I just came back on witty! I was away for 7 months:/

so guys, Witty is on!!! :) :) 

lol. I was going thru my quotes to make them "appropiate" 
they changed all the bad words to 

Woman and

I love Steve :P 

so, i was reading what Steve's message was uptop. 
Im sorry for swearing in a few of my quotes. So everyone, DELETE YOUR BAD QUOTES NOWWW!! 

I need people to follow on tumblr.... 

comment your name 

Everyone is a genius,
but if you judge a fish,
on its ablity to climb a tree, 
it will live its life thinking its stupid
-Albert Einstein
likeeeeeeee (im boreddd)
Made a new tumblr channel. 
i follow back :)