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So today I logged onto witty for the first time in over a year and wow I forgot how many memories it holds. So many I lost contact with, so many quotes that hold meaning to me and countless other things. I know I pretty much just left with no warning but I want you all to know that ily and if we talked (or even if we didnt) you can find me on twitter, tumblr and instagram

Quotes by kiwi145623

Joey:    'That's how much our phone bill was?!'
Chandler:   'No Joey, that's our phone number.'

I could be typing this naked.
                                                                            and you wouldn't even know.


Sometimes when I'm alone..
i like to cover myself in vaseline and pretend to be a slug.

Beauty is nothing
without a beautiful personality to match ♥


You Annoy Me.
g o   s t a n d   o v e r   t h e r e.


is way funnier than the joke.


when your finger gets stuck in something stupid.

Sometimes i think
that maybe I have a chance.
but then i look at all the 

other pretty girl
you hang around with,
and i think..
' '    N e v e r .   ' ' 

I  l i k e   t o   t h i n k   o f   m y s e l f    a s 
»  the girl that  no one can  get,
that no one can keep in their hands.


You can't stop people talking about you ; 
B u t   y o u   c a n  
stop giving them something 
To talk about.

-Miley Cyrus