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I'm Kara and I'm 15. I don't get on much anymore do to school, but if you want to talk leave a comment and I'll answer asap. 

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I must be crazy to think that you would want me.


 I'm scared. I'm scared of you. I'm scared of myself. But most of all, I'm scared of us.

What do I want you ask?
In all honesty, I want someone who truly cares about me. I want to be treated right.
I want to have that one person I can share that special bond nobody can really explain. Someone who you love unconditionally and who unconditionally loves you back. Someone who you can send/recieve sweet goodmorning texts to/from. Someone who you can send/recieve cute out of the blue texts to/from. Someone you can act entirely yourself around. Someone who understand your sense of humor. Someone who you can tell your deep dark secrets to. That one person you could cuddle up and watch movies with all day and still be content with how you spent your time, because you spent it together. Someone who you could fight with one day and still say I love you the next. 

All I want is to go to the lake.
If you take me to the lake and let me wakeboard right now,
I will love you.

                                                              JUSWANT TGRAYOUHAND, ANBE LIKE,                  

                       YOU'RE MINE .


Mom: *walks out of the endodonist* He was HOT! 
Mom: Well, did you see him!
Me: Yes, I did see the 40 year old endodonist. 
Mom: Well, he was hotttttt.
Mom: I can't take you anywhere anymore.
Mom: Well he was!
Me: We are leaving and never coming back.
  I constantly find myself thinking about, what could

 have been
, and if it will be, what might be, again.
  I always wonder, are the feelings still there?
  I've always felt out of step with the world.

-Bella, Eclipse.

What did I do wrong?


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