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profile credss Look at it ya'll
Guess who?
Stop guessing.
It's Makenzie :D

So a couple things about me, I love to sing, act, do colorguard, and just being with my best friends. I'm sixteen and I'm loving driving in my black convertible bug. (:

My best friends are Katie, Emily, Sarah, Joey, and MIa. They are the absolute best. I have no idea what I would even do without them! 

My favorite person in the whole wold is my boyfriend Patrick. Hes so good to me and does little things like bring me candy and sends me goodmorning and goodnight texts. He means the world to me

This upcoming school year will be my junior year and i"m so excited. Until then, I'll be spending my summer as a camp couselor for six and seven year olds. I love kids so this summer will be the time of my life!

Anyway, drop a comment and I'll be sure to reply as soon as I can, I'm not on witty too much anymorebecause it's changed since I was on it way back in 2011. But if I see you left me a comment, I'm always open to meeting new friends! :D



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Guys, I hate doing this, but will you please pray for my kitty Yoda? His bladder ruptured on Sunday and he went through surgery yesterday and today. They put a catheter in his bladder to help with healing but if he doesn't' get better we can't do anything else because we can't afford another surgery. I know that there are people going through worse things, but my kitty means everything to me. Thank you♥

(On October 3rd he asked me what day it was...)

"It's October 3rd."

-Mean Girls



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The butterfly's in your stomach you get when think about



Everyone has that one guy in mind,
when they read a quote saying something like,
"I can't help but think about him."


There is this beautiful 13 year old,

And in a few minutes she will be 14<3

Happy Birthday Katie!!



I'm so cool,
              I follow myself.

Do the *clap clap* potty dance!
Left across-
right across-



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The Spaces Between Your Fingers Were Created
So someone else's could fill them in
                                     we all have
                                                   our own box
                                                        to think outside of