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Let me love you and I will love you

until you learn to love yourself



/Crushin' n' blushin'/







Quotes by ♥Dreamer*

αяє уσυ яєαтє тσ уσα?

вє¢αυѕє уσαι¢ισυѕ
"Be careful."
"Watch out."
"I'm here if you need me."

Loving someone doesn't require the words "I love you"
I'm sad. Someone KiK me
*text from my 'boyfriend'*
 I need my baby girl happy. You're the only thing that makes getting up in the morning worth it. If I don;t hear your voiuce at least once a day I'd go insane. Just seeing your face makes me smile and helps my depression go away. Your my angel, Baby.
Everything is changing. And I'm okay with it, I'm happier now at least...
Got her saved in my phone under Big Booty.
-Jason Derulo
Jesse McCartney.
*Casually has a concert for myself infront of my mirror*

Where  are  you  now?.


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