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My name is Kristen....Ill be 16 in october 

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How come taylor swift always has hot guys in her music videos?!?!?!?!

im over love </3

why do people help out kids in other countries when there are kids in our own country that needs help :/
he asked me out again (:
yes im a girl that likes longboarding and surfing gotta problem?!?!?!?
my grandma died b4 her 1st grand kid was born ..n she was the most excited for the baby ..i only made it b/c of country music ..mostly if heaven wasnt so far away from justin moore <3 nan and country music 
if happyever did exist i wish to be holding you like this and all those fairytales are full of it
i just got over my ex like a week ago n he called me last night  as soon as i heard his voice my heart stopped n sank :/   he told me he loves me n he never stopped ...good b/c i love cameron <3
There is black history month. Where is white history month?!?!?!?!?!? Whats up america?