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My letter is L!
Something I LIKE- Lobster <3
Something I DISLIKE- Lemons ;O
Something I LOVE- Life ;*)
Something I HATE- Liars ;x
Favorite for a letter?!

so, what do i do?
cause i still l o v e you;
& you're the only one who can save me .. 
truth is, e v e r y b o d y is going to hurt you; 
you just have to find the ones worth suffering for.. 
No wonder why Selena Gomez 'wouldn't want to be anybody else' .. She went out with Justin Bieber, she has her own show on Disney Channel, & she is a millionaire .. o?
.. that awkward moment when Osama Bin Laden asks you what time it is & its 9:11 ..

oh & i have n e v e r been so proud of US Special Forces for putting all of their lives before us for our protection<3
osama bin laden is d e a d .. LMFAO STUPID TERRORIST.

i love you USA <3 

fAv if u h8 wen peeple type lyke dis 

like no. you really arent cool. it doesnt take that much effort to type out the words..