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the cold never bothered me anyway.
when i ask you how you are, you can say how you really feel. i care.


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It's my 1 Year Witty Anniversary.
December 19th, 2012, I created this account. It was originally for my friend, but she posted one quote and got like 200 favorites and never used it and so I took it (I know totally not selfish haha). Anyway, I have made SO MANY wonderful friends from here! Some of you guys are SO CUTE and FUN and make me sooo happy?? And oh my gosh guys.. I can't even believe I have 727 followers and i've only written 334 quotes?? How is that even possible???? You guys make me feel so good, like I can't believe that many of you actually like my humor?? And now one of my quotes is on the SECOND PAGE OF TOP THIS YEAR??? No no no. You have NO IDEA how thankful I am for EVERYTHING- every little comment, favorite, follow- anything, it makes me so happy. This website has bettered my life in so many ways. I will never regret joining this website ever. You guys rock <3

..right well this quote is kinda lame but really I just want to let you know that without this website I don't even know what my life would be? Thank you so much for creating this website Steve (:

-Love, Krista

PS- If you're sad or happy or any mood you should watch this because it is the funniest music video ever omfg:
MY ROOM LIKE 5 SECONDS AGO AND SHE SAYS, "Honey, don't go in the basement. It's flooding with poop."

uMMM ?????????????
I exclaim! I have just gotten my paper on the epic, The Odyssey, back from my english teacher. I failed it. A 54%. My overall grade in the class has dropped down to an 82%. My parents must never find out about this failure.
On Friday in math class
we were learning about like SAS and AAS and SSS and stuff like that and my teacher was like, "Now remember kids, there is NO A-S-S!" and this kid behind me was like, "Whoever didn't invent A-S-S was an áss" and lmao

Me: hey do you mind doing me a favorite
Today in science
we got a worksheet and the title of it was "The Bare Essentials of Polarity" and it was about atoms and stuff but it was put into a comic with polar bears and so I crossed out "Bare" and put "Bear" and I showed my science teacher and he did not laugh at all
Apples are so useful??
Look what you can do with an apple:
-shoot people you dislike with the juice just by biting into it and blinding them
-eat it when you're hungry ((very satisfying for your tummy))
-if you want to play soccer but you don't have a soccer ball you can just place the apple on the ground and kick it from there
-can shed the apple's skin and make adorable outfits
-can poison the apple and feed it to people who think they are a damn princess and are better than you
-can chuck them at people for fun
-apple devices are fun to use for apps and internet

Me if I were in Divergent: they call me 51,227 because I have only 51,227 fears
It's going down
I'm yelling "tumblr!"
You better move
You better reblog


Me looking at cute boys: help i'm falling and i can't get up