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K r i s t o p h e r  l  16  l A r t i s t 
im not gay my boyfriend is

I'm a dreamer
a creator
a lover
a fighter
Be free like a bιrd and never
let anyone hold yoυ down

Me and my boyfriend

Quotes by kristoboo

Make sure the soundman doesn't cockblock the drums
Let the snare knock the air right out of your lungs And those
words be the oxygen
Just breathe
- Ten Thousand Hours by Macklemore

I want to fly Can you take me far away
Give me a star to reach for Tell me what it takes
And I'll go so high I'll go so high My feet won't touch the ground
Stitch my wings And pull the strings
I bought these dreams That all fall

- Wing$ by Macklemore

Pun  Times  with  Koda

I walked into my sisters room and tripped on her bra.
It was a booby trap.


I like how pun times with Koda is a pun by itself


Pun  Times  with  Koda

Why did the hipster salmon suffocate?
Because the current was too mainstream.


Pun  Times  with  Koda

If someone else flew first
it just wouldn't be Wright


Pun  Times  with  Koda

You expect me to bear this heat


Pun  Times  with  Koda

Becoming a vegetarian is
a huge missed steak


Pun  Times  with  Koda

When your Russian for food
there's no time for Stalin.


Pun  Times  with  Koda

Jedi in the streets
Sith in the sheets

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