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K r i s t o p h e r  l  16  l A r t i s t 
im not gay my boyfriend is

I'm a dreamer
a creator
a lover
a fighter
Be free like a bιrd and never
let anyone hold yoυ down

Me and my boyfriend

Quotes by kristoboo

Your eyes, your lips, your hair
Are just a few things that I like about you.
Like is, however, an understatement. 

The way I feel is inexpressible with words,
Only through actions.
The way I stroke your cheek
When we lay together in my bed.
The way you smile and blush slightly
Makes my heart beat fast and puts my stomach on overdrive.

I said there were storms,
How I was stuck between two.
I was almost consumed by the darkness,
But then I met you. 
I was still hanging on to my raft
When you guided your boat to my rescue.
The darkness still comes,
But you always have a flashlight
To scare the monsters in my head away.

I think to myself how lucky I am
To have found someone as good as you.
I was broken, but you’re helping me pick up the pieces
To what was my life, and what will be my life with you. 

That little smirk you have, 
And all the cute faces you make 
Are just some of the things
That make me love you as much as I do. 
I always remember when I’m down,
That I have everything with you.
But I would walk five hundred miles
And I would walk five hundred more

  Just to be the man who walked a thousand miles
To fall down at your door

Back In Your Head

Chapter One The Party 
Isiah woke up from his alarm going off and shut it off. He walked to Kyros' room "time to get up buddy" he said then went back to his room getting dressed for school Kyros groaned and got up getting ready. Isiah drove them to school and got out looking around,Isiah headed to his locker when he tripped over a guy sitting on the floor Isiah glared at him and kept walking "gosh people really need to learn to watch wear the hell they're going" he thought. A girl, one of the guys friends started yelling at him "Hey! You tripped over him not the other way around!". Isiah ignored her and went to class, Tegan came over to him "hey wanna come to my party tonight, you can bring Kyros" she said, Isiah nodded "sounds fun we'll be there" he said smiling.

After school Austin walked Katie home and then went to his house to get ready for a party he was invited to with Katie he got dressed after he got ready he drove his truck and picked up Katie. When they got to the party Katie went dancing with a guy and Austin sat down on the step and turned his Ipod on playing Asking Alexandria instead of listening to the pop songs that where playing. Isiah was there with Kyros, Tegan pulled Isiah over to where Katie was "Katie this is Isiah" Katie smiled a bit "Hello" she said. Isiah nodded "hey..umm its nice to meet you" Isiah said  "yeah you to" Katie said "hey where is your washroom I gotta go hehe" Katie said laughing "down the hall to the left" Tegan said. "Thanks" she said and she ran over to Austin "hey Aut lets go" Katie said "umm......okay babe whatever u want" Austin said "or maybe we should stay a bit longer.."Katie said.  "Ok what ever you want"Austin said and went back to the stairs. Isiah looked for Kyros and found him asleep on one of the couches so he picked Kyros up and carried him up the steps "excuse me"he said to Austin who was in the way. Austin got out of the way and opened a bedroom door for him "um thanks" Isiah said and smiled then laid Kyros down on the bed and cover him with the covers ."Oh uhh umm a...any time" Austin stuttered looking at the ground and went to walk away. Isiah went downstairs and talked to Tegan for a while then drove him and Kyros home.



I can dance good for

a white kid

-No Faith In Brooklyn
by Hoodie Allen


 If you can’t see anything
beautiful about yourself   

 get a better mirror 
look a little closer  

stare a little longer

Because there’s something inside you  that made you keep trying

despite everyone who told you to quit

you built a cast around your broken heart

and signed it yourself

you signed it

“they were wrong” 

 - To This Day by Shane Koyczan

Pun  Times  with  Koda

The man who survived mustard gas
and pepper spray is now a seasoned veteran.

Pun  Times  with  Koda

I'm reading a book about anti-gravity.
It's impossible to put down.

- Molly Weasley


"You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture.Just get people
to stop reading them."

-Ray Bradbury
Don't define
your world in
black and white

Because there is
so much hiding
amongst the
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