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Hello.    My name's Kylie Shea.   I'm 18 and a senior in
high school.        I've been with my boyfriend for over a
year and a half.  Random things make me smile.  If you
wanna  know more  then go ahead  and chat  with me. :)

Quotes by kyshea16

Instead of getting mad when I tell you that it feels like you don't love me,
Why don't you figure out why?
I miss my best friend
from freshmen and sophomore year. I want him back more than anything. He's what
helped me through a lot of stuff need that back now. I know that I am now without
him and I thank him so much for that. I just need my friend back that would cheer
me up without even knowing he was doing it. My friend who would talk to me ever
chance he gets. But I'm the one who messed that up and I don't think I can ever
forgive myself for hurting him the way I did. Things have changed and I don't like
it. I would go back in time if I could and do any possible thing to keep him as my best
friend. I don't want more than what we had, I just want my best friend back. But now,
I'm never going to get that person back. He's gone through to much to be the same
as before. So this is my realization that I'm not getting my best friend back. This is my
goodbye to the old him. I just wish I could tell this to his face..

If  a  friend  makes   you  choose
between her and your boyfriend,
Is she worth it?
But     if     you     choose     your
boyfriend            over            her,

Ar you?

I  may  not  know  who
One Direction
is but I sure know alot of
stuff       about      them.

Everyone is a genius.
But if you judge a fish by its
ability to climb a tree, it will
spend its whole life
believing it is stupid. ♥

I love you. <3

Sorry, my cat stepped on your key board..
You don't have a cat..
Girlfriend: "Cause I'm feeling nervious trying to be so perfect."
Boyfriend: Who are you trying to be perfect for?
Girlfriend: It's just a song.
Boyfriend: Okay, it better be because you don't have to try, you are.

Girlfriend: Awwwe. <3

is            an            illusion.
It's         never        existed.
Especially since everyone
ha  a    diffrent    idea   of
what perfection is.

Do something now before    
I'm gone.

Why do I always take such long showers?

It's a place for  me to cry  with out  being heard.
It's a place to daydream without being disturbed.
It's    a     place    where     I'm     not    judged.
It's  a  place   where   I  can   sing  as   loud   as
I   want   with   out   being   told   to   be  quiet.
It's      where     I      contemplate      my     life.
It's    where     I    think     about    my    future.
It's   where   I   think   about   the   guy  I   like.

AND THEN I shampoo, condition, wash and shave.