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Hello.    My name's Kylie Shea.   I'm 18 and a senior in
high school.        I've been with my boyfriend for over a
year and a half.  Random things make me smile.  If you
wanna  know more  then go ahead  and chat  with me. :)

Quotes by kyshea16

It doesn't matter you you were. It only matters
who  yo are.


I'll              stop              playing  
Hard  To  Ge
when      you      stop      playing   
Hard  To  Want.

Secret #72
I wish I would of waited before I took you back.  I'm not sure if we're good together anymore.

Secret #71
I'm scared out of my mind right now..

I love you ♥
I love you ♥
I love you ♥
I love you ♥
I love you ♥
I love you ♥
I love you ♥
I love you ♥
I love you ♥
I love you ♥


Hey, my name is
I  am  a guy.  I think  all  you
girls are beautiful and deserve
to      be      treated      right.
I'm just a bored girl looking for favorites.

Secret #70
I suck at multitasking.

Secret #69
This is the secret I've been waiting for. :) 

Secret #68
Hey, no one I know died today. That hasn't happened for a little while.

Secret #67
I'm done. When people ask me if I'm okay, I'm just going to tell the truth.

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