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- My name's Bristol Allyn.
- I'm 16 years young.
- I blow out the candles on March 11.
- I'm a junior. Upper classmen, baybay. ;D
I'm brunette.
- I have hazel eyes && wear contacts.
- I'm 5 feet 4 inches.
- I have a sister && two half brothers.

- I have a disease called P.O.T.S.
- I have clinical depression.
- My parents are my everything.
- I love my siblings.
- I'm shallow && self-centered.
- My belly button is  pierced.
- I have a 'ho's looks but a 'bro's personality.
- I'm easy-going && social.
- I'm obnoxious.
- I always pronounce 'rofl' as an actual word.
- I usually put '&&' instead of 'and'.
- I play the game (I just lost).
- I get along better with boys rather than girls.
- I enjoy hugs very much.
- A Day To Remember is my favorite band.
- All Time Low is my second favorite band.
- I'm gonna marry Mitchel Musso one day.
- I'm always cold.
- I live life to the fullest.
- I love secrets but I can't keep them.
- I can keep promises.
- I have an obsession with socks.
- I love pajama pants.
- My favorite food is french fries.
- I love to eat poptarts.
- I will randomly break out in dance.
- I've been dancing since I was 3.
- I'm on color guard for the band.
- I laugh way too much.
- I'm always hyper.
- I love the drink monster.
- 'Finding Nemo' is  the best movie.
- I'm a nerd.
- I love giraffes.
- I'm always listening to music.
- I'm scared of spiders, bugs, && death.
- I text too much.
- My favorite store is Hot Topic.
- My phone's always on silent.
- My dog's name is Ferb (my sister's is Phineas).
- I love horror movies.
- I get frustrated && pissed easily.
- I'm a little kid at heart.
- I love Spring and Autumn.
- I'm always on my computer.
- I talk way too much.
- I love the ocean.
- I wanna be a biology teacher when I grow up.
- My favorite color is orange.
- I love converse.
- I laugh at pretty much everything.
- I love apples and apple juice.
- I'm really lazy.
- Music's my life.
- I think this about me thingy is way too long.
- Yeah , I'm a handful . xD
This is my giraffe. He's named Jeffrey. (:

Status: Sick. ._.

I'm a girl. I make a damn tasty sandwich. I can beat your ass in Black Ops. Come at me, bro.

Andrea Amanda - 'You were the one who made things different, you were the one who took me in. You were the one thing I could count on, above all, you were my friend.' - 8.2.10.
  MatthewRyan - 'He isn't my boyfriend. But I love his hugs, his smiles, his advice, his kindness, and the times when we laugh together. I guess I fell in love with our friendship.' - 7.11.10.

One Friday, on the band bus, I drank a monster. An orange monster. Then my friend told me that there's 'whale sperm' in monster. We used that information to create three triplet orange whale babies in my belly. Their names are Carlos, Pedro, and Enrique. They'll be born on August 15th. Gotta love the band bus. (:

  I hope you had fun reading about me. :3

If you bothered reading my entire profile, please type something completely random or something you liked while reading about me. :3That would completely make my life. (:

Kthanxbaii. (:
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Dear 2012





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French                    English      
vol                                              escape              
de                                               from                
mort                                           death                



Times just to get your parents to stop talking. /♥/♥/


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hmmm...he looks suspicious...
*locks car door*



& who else
wonders why a computer keyboard isn't in alphabetical order..?


Confidence is the sexiest

thing a woman can have,

It's much sexier than any body part.


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Baby come back;
you can blame it all on me.

When you love somebody

you accept them for who they are. Everybody has flaws and nobody is perfect, but sometimes

it's somebody's flaws that make them beautiful. And it's kinda scary how that one person can

make you feel complete in so many ways. This Christmas I asked for happiness and I got it. It

was like my papa heard me from heaven and sent me an angel. I love my boyfriend<3


not even the best artist
in the world
 could capture the beauty of the girl reading this quote