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We are all made of stars, millions of them < 3
We are all beautiful,
No matter what,
We are all special,
We are al unique,
Hey, my name is Tetyana, Im from Ukraine, now living in the States. Im 15 , i blow out 16candels on August 12th, I speak french , the language of love,< 3 i love mac & cheese, im fragile, im already broken , and i found someone who is putting the peices back together < 3
comment or find me on facebook, <3

Quotes by lOljKitSmEtaTy

Dear Boy,
For Halloween this year I'm going to be happy without you,
it is the one day a year you can pretend to be something
your not < 3.

I Had This Idea<3
I was on my face-book , and i started to think about him < 3
Yes, i realize all the girls say this. But i don't go out with guys left and right, i pick someone that i know can be that guy i'm looking for. That guy that will write me love letter and think i'm gorgeous without makeup. That will sing with me in the car even though we both realize that we cant sing. A guy that truly loves me for who i am and who i can be around him. ANYWAYS, along with my idea. I am talking to this guy. All summer we kept it going, maybe a little a month to once a week , and now i feel as if i need to talk to him to be in a good mood. I also feel as if things between him and I will work out. So i am writing this quote to hopefully be able to show him that i have cared and that i do like him for a while <3
One day <3 thank you witty girls who are still reading <3

and i am complete because ;;

I found someone to put the peices back together



My ex told me he did cheat on me the last month of our relationship ;
Im heart broken, so witty girls;
///////// Fee I am telling you to be carefull, don't fall in love to fast, take risks but trust only a few, respect yourself, be true to your self, don't take anything for granted, and if you ever have any questions ask, because a boy I dated for 8 months just broke my heart again,1 year later <//3 \\\\\\\\

happened today
69 quotes < 3  happ ha

And ..

They say I build
up walls and

let no-one in,

it's true I am scared to love again, to let all of my emotions
it's true I am tired of being the only one left out,
the only one who doesnt know what love feels
it's true you fall for the wrong people at the right time.
it's true,you have to fight for what you want and you cant give up, but
 it's true putting yourself out there, is like saying im ready to get hurt
it's true true love in the end will hurt everyone involved
it's true there is nothing you can do, love happens wether we want
it to or not,
it's true I put up a wall so I woulden't get hurt again

nmf. <3



He Laughs at my dreams;





And Here Is A Poem For Him ;
Sun comes up,
nothing in your mind.
My mind is us,
My mind is full of Dreams,
We walk by each other,
you say nothing
I say nothing .
You think nothing,
I think // talk to me,
notice me,
Feel what I Feel,
You go to bed,
and dream of nothing,
I dream how tomorrow might be
Different //

e m o r i m . . . *

not my format.

&Today he  threw MilkDuds at my house. .

"Just so i would Come Outside "
I Fell like Juliet♥

not my format .
_________I Will Be With You Forever And Always________

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