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Your one
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You just


The Game
DisasterLayouts format.
Everyone knows the game(:
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Players=  Not good enough to stay with one girl.

It may be just my fault for believing things
without question,
or denying things without looking
at the facts.
I'm just too stubborn.
Life seems easy,
and then there are some things
that make things difficult,
and it weighs you down
for however long you think about it.
One of these things could be a word commonly used,
abused- and because of this
its meaning has been taken to lesser value.
This word would be love.
Most of the time, I guess it would be a
one way road, and one lane.
There's no way to turn back,
no traffic beside you to keep you company.
No other roads for you to go back,
so there's no telling that where you're going is worthwhile.
It's just something that continues for
as long as you live.
How would I be able to know if it's love
if there's nobody there to tell me.
Instincts may be able to help you,
then your heart and brain just shut down
and you're on your own without
rationality or feelings.
I just ranting off what I have to say,
without organization or pattern.
Just getting whatever it is off my chest
is always a good thing,
but when will I know when I'll be done?


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