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One in a million ♥, I love Ryan ♥
Im 15  years young

Born on Staten Island

livin in New Jersey now - Dont hate ♥

Italian babe

Volleyball + Softball ♥

Boyfriends name is Ryan ♥

♥ 2.8.11 ♥

....♥ Dance Dance ♥ Doin it up Jersey Style ♥.....

ladadaloozer's Favorite Quotes

So for the hurricane
My mom said;

"first things first.

Go toWalmart for coloring books and crayons."

I love her priorities.♥


Dont forget to
Remember me




That awkward moment when...
...You step into a building and everybodys hands go up and stay there...

This quote does not exist.
Dont you hate it when your pocket or bag gets caught on a door handle and you have to step back to unhook it?
not my format/my quote <3

If someone,
really loves you,
they wouldn't let you slip away,
No matter how hard the
situation is.

not mine

And you never thought you'd be that lucky girl who got with that amazing guy. ♥

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