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heyyya, my Real Name Is Elaita, But You Can Just Call M Lady_Red. I Love Music, Music Is Like My Religion =) One Of My Fave Bands Of All Time Is "Blood On The Dance Floor" Dahvie Vanity + Jayy Monroe All The Way =)
The Song Playing is "Love Sucks" By "Blood One The Dance FLoor"
One Of My Fave Songs Of Theirs =)

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In the Shower

Shampoo: *Gets in eyes,Blinds a person*
Shampoo: *Up Nose, No longer can breathe*
Shampoo: *Gets in mouth,Poisoned*
Shampoo:*Gets in ears, Temporarily death*
Shampoo:*Falls on the ground, You slip,You die*

Stay away from shampoo Kids, It kills people.


The awkward moment when you are doing something weird and your crush walks in.  

Monsters are real,
Ghosts are real, too.
They live inside us.
And sometimes,

they win.

Hi ,I’m Selena. I hope you can understand me.

But I lost my bestfriend on Oct.6.2008,By a Drunk drivers

He was only 14 and I wanted to die I Didn’t care if It hurt

Every time I cut myself Ever since he died I wasn’t myself
I found out i fell into depression and i didn’t eat sleep or anything
Anytime i was happy is when i belive someone could understand
Me.Or when im wearing his hoodie listening to his favourite song.
Everyday been a hard one for me i hate how this hurts so bad
Because i fell for him and he's dead but the last words was my favourite
from people to aliens from planets to worlds it was ''I love selena and i always did''
i never wanted to forget him i just wear my smile everyday even though i wear a sad one

I miss you,Nick L

My elbow is such a s.lut.
It bangs

Scary movies during the day: Doesn't even look that scary, come up with something clever next time. Dumb Director.

Scary movies at night: Ahhh Sh*t, i'm gonna have nightmares tonight.

True story

why do stores that are open 24/7 have locks on their doors ?