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Quotes by ladybugfreak1231

"You love me. Real or Not Real?"



-The Hunger Games #3, Mockingjay

Alright listen,

If you were so over it

you wouldn't be acting this way about it

The word hate when used truthfully
 hurts just as much

 (if not more)

as  the word love used as a lie.

 She said

"Boy, can I tell you a terrible thing?
It seems that I’m sick and I've only got weeks
Please don’t be sad
Now I really believe


You were the greatest thing that ever happened to me"


- "Terrible Things" Mayday Parade


I am not a princess because a princess requires saving

I am a Queen 
I got this sh•t handled

You are like a penny:
Two faced and worthless

     Thanks for nothing

                                        Kiss my a**!"

I love when you find song lyrics that reflect you mood perfectly ;)

You know what?

I'm done

Amanda: He's mine!

Megan: No, he's mine!!

Amanda: Nu uh!

Megan: Yea huh!!


       Me: I'm guessing you two did not get your invitations yet? ;)

I just remembered this :) I <3 my friends



The text says
"Dis isn't wrkng we need to brak up"

What I see is
"I'm too much of a freakin' coward to break up with you in person because I'm scared of what you'll do so, I'll just do this and think you won't get mad."


Have the decency to end it in person because when you do
you seem like you never even cared
(and if you do end up doing it, type it right!)