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Hello Little Monsters. You have now entered the Witty Profiles account for Lady Gaga, If you follow me, I will follow you back. Gaga is my inspiration, and many others. So enjoy your stay here and don't forget, PAWS UP! The quotes on this profile are all from websites, Gaga interviews, Magazines, tumblr, twitter and just facts I know from being a Little Monster from the start.If you are a Gaga hater, then I am going to ask you kindly to leave before trouble starts.And if trouble starts then I am going to do what Gaga has taught me, to give you the finger and scream "FUCK OFF."(:. Deal? If you have ideas for me to do on this page, either comment me on my profile or email me at mothermonsterfacts@gmail.comThis isn't a page to hate, this is a page to love and remember that you were BORN THIS WAY BITCH!Yes, the username says Lady Gaga Facts, but there is no need to expect facts and only facts, I will also add quotes and anything else Gaga related. 


Lady Gaga.
Stefani Germanotta.
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.
Lady G.
The Germ.
She has so many names, but to me- my inspiration. My hero.
Her songs have inspired me, so I am going to list her songs. Some of which you may have never heard of. 
'The Fame'
1. Just Dance
2. LoveGame
3. Paparazzi
4. Poker Face
5. Eh, Eh, (Nothing Else I Can Say)
6. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
7. The Fame
8. Money Honey
9. Starstruck
10. Boys Boys boys
11. Paper Gangsta
12. Brown Eyes
13. I Like It Rough
14. Summerboy

'The Fame Monster'
1. Bad Romance
2. Alejandro
3. Monster
4. So Happy I Could Die
5. Speechless
6. Dance In The Dark
7. Telephone
8. Teeth
'Born This Way' (Deluxe Edition)
1. Marry The Night
2. Born This Way
3. Government hooker
4. Judas 
5. Americano
6. Hair
7. Scheiße
8. Bloody Mary
9. Black Jesus † Amen Fashion
10. Bad Kids
11. Fashion of His Love
12. Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)
13. Heavy Metal Lover
14. Electric Chapel
15. The Queen
16. Yoü and I
17. The Edge of Glory

'Red and Blue' (Stefani Germanotta)
1. Something Crazy
2. Wish You Were Here
3. No Floods
4. Words
5. Red and Blue

UnreleasedSongs&Foreign Releases.
*Again, Again
* Retro Dance Freak
* Fashion
* Kaboom
* Vanity
* Fancy Pants
* Big Girl Now
* Rock Show
* Shake Your Kitty
* Fever
* Let Love Down
* Wonderland
* Dirty Ice Cream
* Kandy Life
* Reloaded
* Ready
* Filthy Pop
* No Way
* Rocket Queen
* Glitter and Grease
* Retro Physical
* Let Them Hoes Fight
* Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes)
* Blueberry Kisses
* Out of Control
* Jungle Claws
* Silly Boy
* Future Love
* Second Time Around
* Go, Go, Go
* Love Sick Girl
* Real Cool
* Ribbons
* Trigger
* We Are Plastic
* When She Go
* Do Me Right
* Oh Well
* Hollywood
* Heiress
* Panty Party
* Retrosexual
* Musicland
* Funky Beat
* Take You Out
* Royal Treatment
* Miss it B4 You Kiss It
* Freakshow
* Greatest 
The song playing on my profile is 'Again, Again'. Music Player credit goes to _randomrequests . - Lady Gaga Backgrounds

Current Lady Gaga Status:
Marry the Night has officially been pulled from the radios. Buy Marry the Night on iTunes and support Gaga!

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sing4forever 1 decade ago
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Thank you so much for reading or just even faving that quote. It means so much. The whole situation has made me a wreck.
msjitterbug98 1 decade ago
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you should definitely follow cepstein10210! she's awesome! =D
dparsa 1 decade ago
show buttons please it would mean the world to me!
AenslyLeon31 1 decade ago
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so do you still want the layout? ):
Shinygirl98 1 decade ago
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Lady Gaga is my everything :)
xcharlieex 1 decade ago
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My mum's getting sick of me playing The fame album over and over in the car
She's so incredible
xcharlieex 1 decade ago
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Lady Gaga is my hero ♥♥♥♥
Kylabear1 1 decade ago
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haha i like ur quotes! and i LOVE u profile! lady gaga rox! follow me :)
LilMissEpic15 1 decade ago
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You are the biggest Gaga fan I've met so far. Even though I stood outside of her hotel... you are probably the #1 so far! :)
LilMissEpic15 1 decade ago
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Thank you.. that's really thoughtful of you. So, I take it you are Gaga's #1 fan?? :)
LilMissEpic15 1 decade ago
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OMG! Thank you for following me back! U didn;t have to but thank you. :)
LilMissEpic15 1 decade ago
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I waited outside her hotel last week hoping to catch a glimpse of her. I got one letter that was inside the McDonald's that she ordered for her fans. She is a really big inspiration. :)
COUNRTYSTRONG 1 decade ago
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hey :) i think it's really cool and in my top ten people to follow you'll be in the top 5 no doubt thanks for following i followed back :)
GagaMonster 1 decade ago
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Who ever made this is an amazing person!!!! Lady Gaga is amazing and I her!!! <3 She is my idol and I absolutely adore her!!!!
livelaughalwayslove1996 1 decade ago
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Amazing profile. (:
iloverondo99 1 decade ago
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you are amazing! <3 this is my favorite account; i love lady gaga; she is my inspiration and always will be <3 paws up to you (; <3
haii_its_elli 1 decade ago
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i ♥ lady gaga , your quotes & profile :D
Crazyforhim13 1 decade ago
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This is crazy! I finally found a lady gaga based witty account! Lol. I freaking love you! Haha. :) Your my favorite witty account now! :D Paws up monster. <3 You were born this way (:
dancingqueen 1 decade ago
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love Lady Gaga and ur profile :D
XxcaliforniababexX 1 decade ago
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thansk for following. and kelly ikr yu cnt hate lady gaga shes so unique! iloveher<3