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Shall we compare our hearts to a garden-

(*with beautiful blooms*)
straggling weeds,

swooping birds

&+  sunshine, 


&+ most importantly,


~Grey Livingston 

Quotes by ladykatie1227

driving through the rain to the hospital
quiet aches intense
what at once just seemed the impossible
now makes perfect sense
we held hands to face the uncomfortable cold
and lonely room
magazines and empty distractions  
barely got us through.


"You're the smoke to my high."
Yeah, man. That's what I want my significant other to say to me -.-'

Mine, I think. I mean, not the lyrics, those are Auburn's. But, the everything else is.

Save your heart
for someone that's worth dying for.


My Secret #12
Sometimes, I'm afraid she uses me.
I wish I knew the truth.

Mine. No jocks.

It started out as

"Hey cutie, where you from?"

and it turned into

"Oh no, what have I done?"

1, 2
Freddy's coming for you.
3, 4
better lock your door.

5, 6
grab your crucifix.
7, 8
gonna stay up late.

9, 10
never sleep again.


& i love

when you get a fortune cookie that tells you exactly what you needed to hear.

Mine. No jocks.

I am 58% obsessed with my looks.
I own:
[x] straightener
[x] curling iron
[ ] mousse
[x] hair spray
[x] gel
[ ] other sprays
[x] bobby pins
[] round barrel brush
[x] blow dryer
[x] you have dyed your hair
[x] you have or had highlights

[x] black eyeliner
[x] other color eyeliner
[x] eye shadow
[x] mascara
[ ] fake eyelashes
[ ] eyelash curler
[ ] eye shimmer
[ ] colored contacts
[x] sunglasses
[x] eye makeup remover
[x] olive oil
Total so far: 15

[x] clear lip gloss
[] red or pink gloss
[ ] lip stick
[x] chap stick
[x] lip plumper
[x] electric toothbrush
[x] teeth whitener
[] lip liner
[] more than 15 lip glosses
[x] toothpaste
Total so far: 21

Complexion/Overall face
[ ] blush
[x] moisturizer
[x] face wash
[] bronzer
[x] makeup remover
[ ] face wipes
[x] powder
[] cover up
Total so far: 25
[x] nail polish
[x] filer
[x] nail clipper
[] nail buffer
[ ] cuticle remover
[] nail hardener
[] nail brush
[x] Fake nails
[] nail scissors
Overall Total: 29

Now multiply your overall total by 2
Then, repost as I am _% obsessed with my looks

If any guy would be lucky to have me,
then why isn't he jumping at the chance?

mine, I think. No jocks.

My Secret #11
I think he looked really cute with her at junior prom.
and it kills me thinking that if I'd taken that risk, it could have been me.

Mine. No jocks.