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Quotes by lafftaff711

woop yeah woop woop yeah


I'm ridin' solo.
Lol, Jk,

My moms driving.


Don't leave, I'll miss you.
Lol, Jk,



I'mma bee, I'mma bee, I'mma I'mma I'mma bee.

Lol, Jk,

I'm a wasp.


I'm almost there.
Lol, Jk,

I'm still at my house.


Your make up looks great.
Lol, Jk,
It looks like you got gang banged by crayola.


I fight my own battles.
Lol, Jk,
Pikachu, I choose you.

Should I make a series? 



I t only gets bettter.


the only way to fail in life
is to fail to get back up..  


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why not support gay bros?
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