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                              I'm Olivia:)
Here's the thing. My name is Olivia but my friends call me liv. I am 11 years young:) I am in 6th Grade and play Volleyball for my middle school and I play Softball. My friends are amazing and I honestly don't know what I would do without them:) People find my personality a little overwhelming because I come on a little strong, but thats me. I like going to the movies with my family on the weekends. I think family and friends come before anything at any time of the day. I much rather have fun than be boring all day. I make the best of any situation.  Well Thats it so if you have questions just ask:)


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I Really dont get why people put highlight on their quotes. Are they afraid someones gonna see what they wrote ?
I would really like too know.
Comment . Favee If you agree ;D
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 So This Morning I Told My Dad He Was Going Bald. He Responded Saying 
"Im Not Going Bald Im Just Growing More Head"

I <3 Dad:)
lion would never cheat on his wife;;
But a Tiger Wood    <3

( credit to who ever ( just love this joke <3 )
 Boy; thats 7 days of tears and chocolate 
   and infomercials at 2 in the morning. 
  me just trying to get over our break up.
in those 7 days you probably got over me
   and hooked up with that  n e w  g i r l 
     Well tonight;; im finally moving on.
im gonna party like you never happened.
             T   o   n   i   g   h   t   ?
       i'm ready to break some hearts. 
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 behind every song.
(except lady gaga's)                     

Just do i

 Tiger Woods took the Nike saying too seriously.

he's jus

c      r       a       z       y       a       b       o       u       t               
that boy