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If you think about it,
those people who stopped trusting you for something you wish
you hadn't have done. And if they were your true friends,
they would have been there to
help you feel better about yourself.

Rate High If you have done something you regret.(:

I remember when; We used to laugh; About nothing at all; It was better than going mad; From trying to solve all the problems we're going through; Forget 'em all; Cause on those nights we would stand and never fall; Together we faced it all
Remember when we'd; Stay up late and we'd talk all night; In a dark room lit by the TV light; Through all the hard times in my life; Those nights kept me alive; We'd listen to the radio play all night; Didn't want to go home to another fight; Through all the hard times in my life; Those nights kept me alive

im a nerd because i get good grades
emo because i wear black sometimes
perverted because i actually get the jokes guys tell
pig because i actually eat
flirt because i know how to talk to guys and have fun
mean because im honest
slut because of the way i dance & get boys' attention that i actually like
obnoxious because i like to have a good time
wierd because i don't ONLY have ONE group of friends
prep because i wear aeropostale, american eagle & bcuz i say omg!
i'm done with this.
don't label me

not minee.
just really liked.
rate high(:

I realized something the other night;
you don`t need a guy to be happy. sure, a kiss goodnight
is better from your boyfriend than from your mom, & cute
texts from him would be nicer than the ones from your
friend. but even when the guy
breaks your heart, you still have your mom to tell you she loves you& your
friend will
always be calling you. && that`s all you need.
the difference between girls and boys
girls cry. boys laugh. boys make fun of girls.girls just want
someone to hold them tight and never  let  go.
Girls will  fake
smile after their hearts been crushed,while  boys  will  go
punch a wall and curse.Girls will wait up all night for  that
one text
saying i love you back. Boys will   just throw     their
phone  off
   the  bed caring  more  about  sleep.  & +  the   main 
difference between girls and boys is, girls  will  take   hearts 
care. boys will just put them in their underware.

    staring at your phone for 
               [[half an hour]] 
        will not make him call.
t r u s t m e i ' v e t r i e d

there's no past tense to love.
you either never did,
or you still do.
then she leaned over and whispered,
i love you
in his ear.

Twilight(: yuss rate high

Oh yes, the past can hurt, but the way i see it - you can either run from it, or learn from it.