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hey guys. laura here. my fave color is purple but i love neon colors too. i love writing poetry and listening to music. i am somewhat of a artist when it comes to drawing. and i love making friendship bracelets. if you want to know more just ask. :)

Quotes by touch_the_twilight*

What beautiful eyes you have love.
All the better to charm me with I suppose.
I can't for the life of me figure out this new witty lol. How do I make my quote pretty?
when you are in the car with the windows down, feeling the wind with your hand, singing along to your favorite song, feeling on top of the world, and a bug flies into your mouth. yep
Sleep well my dear
Know that I'm here
To protect you from the world
To protect you from your fear

As your eyelids get heavy
And your mind drifts away
I'll sing this lullabye
To prove I'm here to stay

Dream sweetly my lover
Dream of us forever
I'll hold you tight
Keep you safe from whatever


why does there have to be a certain day to let ur loved ones know u love them??
what if u lose them before that day comes??
u will regret not telling them.
so here's an idea:
every chance u get, let them know u love them
and not
just ur boyfriend

this goes for the besties, the parents, the siblings, 
everyone who has made a difference in ur life. 

we will be together
always and forever
right from the star
wo pe
ople, one heart

you had me at hello
put on quite a show
ou never left my side
n you i confide

we were never meant to be together
nothing is meant to last forever
if it was, people wouldnt die
and their loved ones wouldnt cry
memories would never fade
things wouldnt fall apart, no matter how they were made

she could be a statue of liberty

she could be a joan of arch

but hes scared of the light thats inside of her

so he keeps her in the dark

she is the luckiest girl in the world
ishe gets to look into those gorgeous eyes everyday, she gets held in those strong arms every night, and she gets to be with the most amazing guy in the world,
the one that has my heart in his hands </3


i wish just one guy would show me they 
arent all the same