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Quotes by lauren0720

♥ flippin' my hair  

 Blowing you a kiss
  i'm  the  only  girl  
that  can  tease  you  like  this


no matter how long we sit here and read quotes ,
we have to remeber that ,
he's still not coming back .


Hey your hott,
get in my pants now

 your like a hard ware store...

 25 cents a scew



 hheey what's cooking goodlooking(;
Nm what's shak'in bacon?

nmf C:

That Awkward Moment
 when you blow on your ice-cream because its to cold and you think that will make it warmer.

The Awkward 

When some ones your last kiss
 but you not theirs 


We all have that one girl in our grade 

 whoses obsessed with horses.



We all have that one girl in our grade whose

obsessed with horses...