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hey im lauren. some of my favorite things are singing danceing gymnastics and soccer! <3 i will try to put up a new quote evrey week ;) please follow me and mabye youl get another follower ;)

Quotes by laurenrocks224

forever and always.
promise to always be by my side
you mean the world to me and i would never want to lose you.
sometimes you dont realise how many minutes hours days weeks and months and years we have been friends. promise to always stay in touch and never forget me. i will PROMISE to do the same. you are my best friend forever and always <3

- Lauren
who else whants a snowy christmas? :)
who else is already exsited for christmas?
if anybody ever calls you ugly

just say

wow! im the prettyiest ugly person ive ever seen! :) LOL
dont change yourself...

you are perfect just the way you are <333
me: yaaaaaaaayyy its fridaaayyyyyy :DDD

my friend: no lauren its thursday -_-

me: D: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
is anybody else being dorothy from the wizard of oz for halloween???:D

if so then  we are twinzeeesss lol XD

fav this quote if you love the wizard of oz or are being dorothy :)
who else is pumped for halloween :D????

who else is going trick or treating no matter how old they are??

do any of you guys not know what section to put your quote in???

that happens to me alot lol :P