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Hi. The name is Lauren.♥

14. Taken. Music. Acting. Theatre. Singing. Lime Green. Piano. Texting. Facebook. Witty. Summer. The Beach. Family. Friends. Owl City. NeverShoutNever. Taylor Swift. One Direction.
These are thing that complete my life.♥
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Quotes by laurenroxursockz

I hate it when;

teachers say "See ya next year!" the last day before Christmas break



"On the first day of Chri-"
No. please stop.


I swear;

All the attractive boys in the world don't go to my



I won't text him anymore

I won't get to see his smile anymore

I won't hear his voice anymore

I won't get a hug from him anymore

I won't get to tell him i love him anymore

hit the <3 if you feel the same


Hey i just met you
and i'm a little
so give me your address
and i'll
stalk you later

So what if I'm the jealous type...
it's better than me not caring
at all


A dream
is a w is h

heart makes
 when your fast  
.a - s - l - e - e - p.
not my format(:

  British accent
 Amazing singers


One Direction .


Mr. Krabs: Do you smell it? That smell. A kind of smelly smell. The smelly smell that smells... smelly. Anchovies.

Squidward: What?



That Awkward Moment When;
you're watching a tv show, and it goes to a commercial, then you forget what show you were watching.♥