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Quotes by laurenzooo

sometimes you just need to let go 'cause the more you hold on the longer it will hurt
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I don't wear make up.
I'm sorry I don't dress like other girls.
I'm sorry I make mistakes.
I'm sorry I'm never good enough.
I'm sorry I'm not perfect.
I'm sorry I'm my own person.
I'm sorry I'm me.
I'm sorry.
but a real friend wouldn't do that.
I'm done with the bullsh*t if you're not willing to put the effort in then I'm not going to even bother trying.
I seriously wonder why I'm friends with people sometimes but then I remember its because they give me the best memories :)
The heart pounding moment when you toss a 36" 2.55 lbs. rifle in the air during the preformance of your life and then the thrill of catching it, not many people get to expirence that but I'm happy to say I'm one of the lucky few that do
When you borrow a guys sweatshirt and wear it almost all day only to realize when you take it off your colthes now smell like boy.
I guess I just suck at being a friend.
you're gonna lose people
in your life. and realize that
no matter how much time you
spent with them or how much
you appreciate them and told
them so, it will never seem 
like it was enough.
My tumblr is who I am....thats why I don't like to share it with people from my school, you should feel pretty damn lucky if I do share it with you and I expect that you won't show it to anyone.