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 I'm dreaming of the place to start again. 

Quotes by lautnerlover98

You know even though I said I moved on
You know even though I know that you're gone
All I think about is where I went wrong

//Want You Back-5 seconds of summer//
Nothing makes me angerier than when my friends say "my babe" Just say their name!!!! "Me and babe are going to eat." Good for you but you don't need to call him babe to me. 

I found no cure for the loneliness
I found no cure for the sickness
Nothing here feels like home
Crowded streets, but I'm all alone

You can tell your best friend she's beautiful 400 times a day and she won't believe. Then some stupid boy comes along and tells her she's beautiful and she believes him. Why didn't you believe me when I said it first?
How we gonna undo all the pain?
"I promised myself I wouldn't let you complete me"
~Halsey// Is There Somewhere
I've been thinking too much
Help me
I honestly have the greatest friend ever. I was crying over Louis Tomlinson becoming a dad and she wanted to show me a tweet that someone had replied to where Louis confirmed it and she covered the tweet with her hand so I couldn't see what Louis wrote. She's honestly a Saint and I love her so much.
An Open Letter To My Brother's:
You're both annoying and need to shut up
Oh say can you see
this is not who I'm suppose to be 
~5 Seconds of Summer