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Ayee im Alexa (:

Im 14 years old & a freshman (:
Brown hair & Brown eyes (:

I love the beach, boys, my friends, food, basketball, lacrosse & so much more (:

Leave me comments because i love them & would love to get to know you guys (:


Quotes by lax4life0712

I'm just a girl,

your just a boy.

This is my heart,

Its not a toy.


69% of people can find something dirty in this quote (;

Click the  if you found it 


The Awkward Moment When,
Your mom yells at you in front of your friends.

I'm Addicted

No not to drugs, alcohol, etc.


to him

his laugh

his smile

his everything

I guess you could say he's my everything [My world]

But it sucks knowing to him I'm just another face in the crowd

Not My Format or quote

If you saw how many times I

c l i c k e d   o n    y o u r   f a c e b o o k   p r o f i l e   .   .   . 

I'd have so much explaining to do.
not my quote/format


  I get to see him 

I cant lie....

I am pretty excited for that

not my format

dreams about me at night and wishes i was theirs

nott my format credit to whoever. Not my quote credit to whoeever