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Quotes by laxplayer4life39

I would punch you in the face for trying to get with my boyfriend but your face is already frightening enough.

I wish that I had an invisible ipod but I could hear everyone perfectly still. just so i would have music all the time, happy music to cheer me up. sad music when i want to be sad. deep music that makes me think about everything. that would be amazing.

See i just want you to know
that you deserve the best
you're beautiful
you're beautiful



No, I don't miss you.

i miss the old you,

and the things you used to do.


i actually 
get more offended when someone is mean
to my brother or sister, than someone being
mean to me. 

I hate when you're really


 but you don't feel like going

to bed. 

anyone else?

Life would be so
much easier

if everything just went my way.... 


♦   •   ♦   •   ♦


I wish

that i had all my texts saved since like whenever you wanted, and see the difference on what you talked about.

...and then die of embarrassment... 


♦   •   ♦   •   ♦


& Iguessit can onlyget 
>>better from here...