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kkaay well i absolutely love lacrosse

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P  at  M     S
 i            e           y
s          n           n
 s                     d
e                    r
 d                      o
Bella: Your beautiful...
Jacob: How hard did you hit your head?

(: favee
I lost my number....
  can i have yours?
i'm falling for the guy i know i cant have</3
omg i really hate you. you were all over her today, when you said you'd be all over me. you ignored me in the hall, i just dont care anymore. go ahead and try to get me back - good luck; because im so over you.

major venting*** ughhhhhhhh srry about the colors
you look good today. how'd i know? 
                because you look good everyday(:
i called you last night just because i wanted to hear your voice.